Button Jump to a html file up one level on the folder struct

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Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:51 am

Still struggling with Get URL in the buttons actions in a skin for a Flash pano.
I am trying to jump to another html page from a button in the skin.
I do ListOfSites.html and the crazy thing works in the Pano2VR view but doesn't
work when I bring it up in Firefox. Then when I try to move it up a folder level and
do ../ListOfSites.html I get an error message of "List of Prefixes for different base paths."
and it won't work in the Pano2VR player or Firefox. How do I make a simple button jump
to a List of Sites html page from 2 levels deep in the folder structure?
How do I fix that so it works in Firefox? This should be simple not sure what I'm doing wrong?
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