Embeded audioplayer ?

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Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:30 pm

Hi, it’s me again…

As you can see on this link, www.zooomez.fr/medias/vvsound/vm.html

I have put is a play button in the top left corner, whiche plays an audio comment on the actual pano.

But I have 2 problems :

- Sometimes, without any reason, the audio hangs or fades, and I have to launch it again. This appears randomly, I have tried several things without any result.
- If I don’t stop the sound, when it reaches the end, the stop button remains, if I want to launch again the sound, I have to press twice, at first to make the stop button disappear, second time to play.

So I have converted the mp3 in swf, with mp32swf (http://www.hootech.com/mp3_to_swf_converter/), a small software which easily converts an mp3 file into only one swf file including the sound + player. It would be perfect, the own problem is that this small audioplayer fixes the frame rate, and this value can’t be increased upon 37 fps, so the pano is not very smooth…

I have contacted the author, he told me he couldn’t do anything...

So my question is : do someone uses another small swf player which could be embedded in a skin without changing the framerate of the pano ?
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