Dynamic text in button action?

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Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:33 pm


I am currently trying to achieve some behavior on button click that I am not sure is possible. What I would like to do is store some information on one button click and read it for use in a "URL" paramater of an "Open next panorama" action of a different button.

The specific situation is a UI where panoramas for multiple locations in multiple floors on multiple dates are available. When on a specific location/floor/date combination and the user clicks a new date, the goal is to maintain the same location and floor and only switch date. The only possibility I currently see is to create a full set of navigation buttons for each location, but this is not a reasonable solution for the number of combinations available.

What I have tried to do is save the current location/floor/date data in hidden text fields and then read them on switching combinations. Is it possible to read attributes of elements within action parameters? ie. URL: {HiddenDate}.Text + '-01.swf'

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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