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I was wondering if there is anyway to use calendar based viewing of Panos, actually the setup is as below.

I will create panos for a certain nature track every month. there are two dimensions for the navigation, one is track location / map and the other is calendar. So I would like to have monthly calendar part of the skin so that user could jump from June to December for example. On the other hand I should also be able to stay within the selected month, if I change the map point, i.e. the navigation should have two dimension in a sense. So in order to do this it seems that I should do own skin for each point of the track that would have list of all months for that point. This is not very convenient from maintenace perspective, as I need every month update skin for each point. And as i will have several tracks to follow, this means that i would need to update tenths of skins every month.

Is there any way to have a sort of month parameter / mapping table or such part of the logic to be able to use both map point and calendar as navigation criteria?

br Markku
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