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Object Movies

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:26 pm
by hagelsteinfoto
Ich erhalte immer wieder die gleichen Fehlermeldungen: Wer kann mir helfen ???

External Call: "C:\Program Files\Pano2QTVR\pano2qtvr.exe" -c "_tmp_script.pqp" -ac

Pano2QTVR - Quicktime VR Converter
Version 1.6.6 (c) Thomas Rauscher (

Pro-License: Hans-Juergen Hagelstein

Looked for: C:\Program Files\Pano2QTVR\pano2qtvr.cfg
Looked for: C:\Users\hans-jĀ¦rgen\Desktop\Bewegte Objekte 1\pano2qtvr.cfg
Read Configfile: _tmp_script.pqp
Looked for: pano2qtvr.cfg

Initialise PanoTools pano12.dll

Pano12 Version: 2.8.6

Number of Filters 24
Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3548.JPG'
0, 0=124028b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3553.JPG'
0, 1=114293b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3554.JPG'
0, 2=109707b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3559.JPG'
0, 3= 96309b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3560.JPG'
0, 4= 95807b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3565.JPG'
0, 5= 93825b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3566.JPG'
0, 6= 94088b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3571.JPG'
0, 7= 96399b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3572.JPG'
0, 8= 97248b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3577.JPG'
0, 9=102268b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3578.JPG'
0,10=100276b, Pattern: 'object.image.'
Open: 'IMG_3583.JPG'
All images imported
Caught exception: pano2qtvr.exe: UnableToOpenFile `IMG_3548_hs.png'