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Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:03 pm

Our 14 year old Sony plasma TV had a severe motherboard failure. It died 10 Nov 2014. RIP

Replaced it with an "Organic" OLED LG 55EC9300 55" (140cm) Smart TV with wireless 802.11n/ac internet connection to our network router 30 mbps and Web Browser named Web/OS.


Might be HTML5 compliant -

On the TV we browsed to our website Gallery and clicked on our recent Bridge panorama using the Skin larger drop down menu.

Was not able to determine if our server delivered HTML5 tiles or Flash .swf.

All the skin buttons worked properly. Autorotation worked slowly using (0.07). Panorama rotated smoothly. Zoom in/out worked as expected. (red x) did return me to prior history page.
[EDIT] Point Hot spots performed properly 'next panorama' loaded the next panorama correctly. Did not use any area hotspots in the project.

Panorama image on the TV is sharp and clear. Just like viewing on a computer monitor.

Note the browser upper tool bar shows a far right side icon for 'full screen'. I did try that option.. the browser flickered for a second.. then the toolbar disappeared for a true 'full screen' with a TV controller reverse arrow button to EXIT full screen.

Yes, that is an X-Box mounted upper left of TV screen. Its not yet connected .. next on "todo" list.

This is a good application for Realtor's and business lobby visitors display.

The drop down menu is Hopki's creation... as modified for larger touch buttons. I thank you Martin.

Panorama on an OLED 1920x1080px TV
Panorama on an OLED 1920x1080px TV
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