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Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:57 pm

This is actually two questions.

What settings do I used to output a full screen swf like the one found here:

I'm just concerned about the pano and not the map or the hotspots.

Second, has anyone had any experience having these panoramas show up in a lightbox? If so, what settings do yo use?
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Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:20 pm

These 2 were created using Pano2vr Pro 4.5.b2
Created using Flash and HTML5 Multi-Res.

Bridge [3 pano tour] is done with

Flash MultiRes 650 level, 2600, 1300, 650 res and in HTML tab - not Enabled.

HTML5 Output
MultiRes 650 level, 2600, 1300, 650 res and in
the html tab "normal template" with full screen and Flash fallback player [x] marked.
No Flash fallback .swf indicated.

Special full screen note - because Bridge is full screen pano, tablets and smart phones do not have a mouse so we created an (X) button that closes the browser window and returns them to the previous web page called "Gallery" so they can pick another panorama to view. The Gallery page is done as a Responsive Web Design that collapses down to small smart phone screen size. We used Martin's in-skin code for scaleable .svg button icon I created using Inkscape .svg graphics editor (free).

Pyramid Izamal, Yucatan Mexico [9 pano tour] is done with
Same Bridge but html5 NOT full screen and it has a standard full screen button. HTML5 html tab has google maps and Flash fallback player [x]. Full screen is NOT checked.

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