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Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:00 am

Hi all!

Well, after 2 years of tinkering I have my first tour using Pano2VR that I actually charged money for. I had the opportunity to do a "non Real Estate" tour of an Opera Center in Fort Lauderdale. It's nothing spectacular by a long shot, and if I look at what I earned on an hourly basis, I could do better mopping floors at Burger King, but I got to get a better feel for using Pano2VR. I love this software and can see the potential once I figure out what I want to do, and develop an efficient work flow.:

My question is this. I believe a virtual tour should be just that. A TOUR. Not just panoramas and photos. I want the experience more than visual, I want it to be informative and interactive.

That being said, I open each panorama with an information box that pulls from the information field in the user data. I dont want to leave to to Grandma that she has to click the little "i" button. I want to put the info in her face so that she can read it. I really like the demo Hopki did with the pop-out with images and sound and plan to incorporate something similar in my tours down the line.

My question is this: Is there any way that I can get the tour to open the info box on the first visit to the panorama only, and not show it on subsequent visits? Right now I use the action Loaded -> Show Element and have a Click -> Hide Element Action (also the info button to toggle).

I would be nice if the info box does not pop up each time the pano is visited. Thanks!

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Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:55 pm

jmcilvaine wrote:... Is there any way that I can get the tour to open the info box on the first visit to the panorama only, and not show it on subsequent visits? ...
Hmmm, not sure how to do it in flash, as I see you are outputting to flash. For what it's worth, I did get this to work in my pano2vr 4.5 html5 output. This onload script goes in the <body> tag of the html code:

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<body onload="'visible';">
Then include an onclick >> display-off event in the skin editor, as I see you have done.

Maybe one of the forum flash experts will explain how to do the same in flash?
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Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:30 pm

Pano2VR lets you hide and show elements using hide and show but you can also use set element alpha.
Sooooo, have an element set to alpha 0, then when loaded set element to alpha 1which will make it visible.
Now to close the element with a Hide element action.
As the element is now hidden the load action to set the alpha will not work with a hidden element.
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