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Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:56 am

My question is:
How can I add text files, via hotspots, in a single panorama. My goal is: to add information (text and images) to several objects in a church-panorama. So, the idea is, when you klick on one of the hotspots, you get more specific information about an object which is in the church. I thought that you could just add in the URL just the path to a html-page, on the server or an external drive (for demo purposes). But no way...! I don't understand why I don't get what I have in mind! What do I wrong, what do I miss....? The result should be: when you finished reading the information, you are able to return to the panorama and look at other hotspots (with their information on other objects).
Is there anyone who knows how to deal with this problem? By the way, I'm not really familiar with HTML either!
The Equirectangular size is 7.500x3.750/8. I'm using Pano2VR 4.0.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions/solution!
Harry Fernhout
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George Palov
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Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:23 pm ... f=6&t=8290

This is something I had in mind, it works but to some extent... one way or another
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Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:15 pm

Thank you for your reaction, George! I read your post + answers you once posted about text in pano's. Unfortunately, it is not quite the way I want to bring up texts (& images) in a single panorama. What I really want is: the possibility to link several hotspots, in a single panorama only, to texts & images, either to html-files on a server or to text files/image files in a folder on an external hard disk/usb stick. It is meant for showing demo's of panorama's with text links to clients. I don't (yet) understand why this possibility -to give in the URL-box in Pano2VR the path to a server, where the text(html?) / image files are, or even better to the text(html?) etc. files on a external hard disk/usb-stick- does not work! It that really not possible or it just because of my ignorance on the subject. (I hope so!) But anyhow, is there maybe anyone on the forum who has an idea....? if so, please let me know.Thank in advance, guys!
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Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:56 pm

Hi obtiel,
The popup box, should it be a popup within the panorama or a separate window?
The problem is Flash will not allow an HTML page inside the skin. HTML5 will, so for the HTML5 output you can set a text box to the required size then use iframe code to display an HTML page from within the panorama.

An example of code to open a web page 500 x 400 would be:

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<iframe width="500" height="400" src="yourpage.html" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Replacing "your page.html" with your own html page.

You can also use a Modal popup, its a bit more involved to do but has the advantage of opening a new window in front of the panorama or object a set size. This stops interaction with the panorama until it is closed. It also works with Flash and HTML5 outputs and no changes are needed to the code so the same skin can work with both outputs.

Please see the attached zip file.
In the output folder you will see index 2.html and a text file called modal popup.txt. Open the index 2.html page to see the example. The project has two nodes with a popup in each.

These show you the additional code in the HTML page that is required. This works in conjunction with a javescript call to open the popup in the skin editor:

Code: Select all

The skin has a hotspot template for each popup with the Go To URL action to call it.

You can choose which hotspot template you want to use with each hotspot using the Skin-ID in the hotspot editor, matching theID of the template in the skin editor.

You will see you can change lots of parameters such as scroll bars etc.
The html pages are in a sub folder called modal pages however you can set the path to your own server using absolute URL's, these html pages were made with Pages, Mac's version of MS Word, then just saved as a html page. Of course the page can contain any media, text pictures video etc.

Hope this helps.
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