Loss of interactivity on iPad3

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Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:25 pm

I recently took the plunge into outputting to HTML5. I have a test site up of a current project. I'm hoping somebody can diagnose a quirky problem I am having with viewing the site on a third generation iPad. The problem is that the site intermittently loses the ability to respond to interaction from the user. Initially, I thought it was happening randomly and without exception. I discovered last night that when the site loses interactivity that control can be regained by interacting with top of the screen; it seems the loss of interactivity is initiated by interacting with the center of the screen. However, if you scroll around only using the top (or perhaps the borders) of the screen there is no problem. I’ve tested the site on two 3rd generation iPads and have had the same result. The problem does not exist when I view the site in Chrome on a desktop PC.
I doubt this has anything to do with it, but just in case I’ll point out that the site will eventually have audio linked to all hotspots. I have externalized in the two test audio files in the media editor. The hotspots on the far left and far right front doors are active.
I am using the current Pano2VR version 4.0 64 bit on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS.
My project settings:
Cube Face Size: 1205
Image Quality: 60
No custom Tile Quality Settings
Not using progressive JPEG
Window Size: 1024x768
Sensitivity: 2
Fullscreen HTML

Test Site:

Thanks to any and all who can shed some light on this for me!

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Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:51 am

It seems that your tour has a invisible active container in the bottom center, this is stopping the interactivity please have a look at this it will solve the problem.
http://gardengnomesoftware.com/wiki/HTM ... Containers

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