Need Pano2VR option to save TIFF files with flatten layers

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Carlos Chegado
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Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:13 pm


In my current workflow I run a Pano2VR batch script to extract all the nadirs and mount it back again in the equirectangular file after retouching. But the resulting TIFF file always has the image on Layer 0 instead of being flatten in the background. This is annoying because I am feeding flat TIFFs to Pano2VR that weight around 420MB average and Pano2VR spits out the same file but with the images on Layer 0 weighting on average 560MB. I don't need 140MB added to each file because of this simple issue. This forces me to run another Photoshop action just to flatten those files and get the average size back to the original ~420MB.

I really, really like to have an option in Pano2VR to force it to flatten the TIFF files and save me a lot of HDD space and wipe off one extra step in my workflow.

Will this be possible to do in the near future?

Another idea would be for Pano2VR to read the image and use the same settings for the output. In example, if I feed Pano2VR a flat TIFF file with LZW compression, it should spit out a flat TIFF file with LZW compression. If I feed Pano2VR a Layered TIFF file, it should spit out a Layered TIFF file. That would be plain simple for everyone.
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