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Newbie questions...

Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 9:09 pm
by joeborg
I'm new to Pano2VR so I apologise in advance if these are basic questions. That said, I've watched the relevant tutorials and search the forum but I couldn't find precise answers...

I've created point hotspots and a hotspot template for these and this works fine in so far as changing it's opacity (as per video tutorial) when the mouse enters and leaves. I'd now like to add the following features:

- When the hotspot is clicked I'd like a picture (jpg) to be loaded BUT I do not want the picture to be at another URL/site; I want to embed the picture in the VR itself so it's sort of like a pop-up within the VR. Likewise, the picture should disappear when I leave the hotspot.

- I want something similar for the text of the hotspot; I want it to only be visible when I the mouse enters the hotspot and completely invisible when it leaves. The tutorial shows the text being constantly there which I do not want.

Any pointers on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I've tried setting opacity for the above two items to 0 or 1 (leave and enter action) but this did not work. Neither did show/hide element actions.

Thanks in advance.