Some XML files not found when loading html (5)

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Wed May 23, 2012 6:02 am

Hi there,

I'm trying my first HTML5 files to load and with Pano2vr 3.1.4 / 64 bit and run into this problem:

1) my first panorama was OK, loading in Chrome etc with the flash fallback and Safari with html5
HTML file: Main-Home-Entryway-Home-for-Sale Panorama.html
XML file: Main-Home-Entryway-Home-for-Sale_pano.xml (42 chars)

2) I created the 2. one and the load in Safari failed with "GET Main-Home-Left-Side-Home-for-Sale_pano.xml not found"

HTML file: Main-Home-Left-Side-Home-for-Sale Panorama.html
XML file: Main-Home-Left-Side-Home-for-Sale_pano.xml (42 Chars)

I changed the name of the XML file to:
Main-Home-Home-for-Sale_pano.xml and changed the call in html file accordingly:


and it works fine ?

Any ideas would be appreciated

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