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Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:03 am

I am trying without success to structure my HTML5 output folder hierarchy under Windows 7 as follows:
and so on...

No matter what settings I code into Pano2VR I seem unable to accomplish folder structure. Most of the time the best I can do is embed a second html5 folder within a higher level html5 folder, frequently resulting in having two different images folders, one beneath the high-level and the nested html2 folders, respectively. Perhaps there is a “bug” in Pano2vr (v 3.1.4 64bit) but it seems much more likely that I am doing something incorrectly. Please advise.

See attached PDF files for a real example showing the current state of my html5 file folder structure.
pano2vr settings and resulting folder structure.pdf
Page 1 displays folder structure, while pages 2 and 3 display Pano2vr settings that I used this time around.
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