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Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:42 pm

Two things on my wish list:
1) Be able to output a batched up *.exe to play on machines unconnected to the Internet
2) I'm jumping from pano to pano in different folders and your button that calls up the HTML "Open Output File" doesn't jump
from Pano to pano but if I go into my file manager and double click up the actual HTML file then the
jumping swapping in swf files one pano to another works fine. It would be nice to have this ability
inside of Pano2VR. Solve and even facilitate that jumping from folder to folder tour process.
Thanks, -- I'm enjoying this program now. Took a little while but I'm into it now. Those tutorial videos are what got
me hooked initially really great way to learn the program. This forum has been a life saver too. THANKS!
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