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Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:35 pm

Hey everyone,

So lately I've been interested in video tours. They seem like a different ballgame all together as there are different steps in the process. After some research and reading on the forum, I now know you have to first unwrap the "donut" image sequence before placing into Pano2VR. Does anyone know of a good software that does this for Mac? I'm not wanting to spend a crazy amount of money, but have no problem spending between $100-$400 for the software. I know Pano Pro has software that's for PC, but I'd rather not add bootcamp to my Mac (had problems the last time I did it). Also 0-360 has some unwrapping software but the quality doesn't seem very good. Let me know if anyone knows of a better option or if there's another route around this - I would greatly appreciate it :D

Also, is there software out there yet that makes 360 video available for HTML5 output rather than flash?


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Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:04 pm for general information for about €39.95

Seems you are concerned about costs... if you are business then as long as your business is generating revenue, and you are using this software in the performance of you business then software, cameras, lenses are considered by the US IRS to be an allowable business expense and you can write off this on your annual income tax.

From talking with Photography folks in the UK.. these write off types are normal allowable business expenses too.

Disclosure: We are not a tax counselor.
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Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:19 am

Thanks Dave for the quick reply!

After looking at the links you provided, it seems this software is more for fixed navigation (like a slideshow) rather than interactive video. However, as long at the software you mentioned can unwrap donut sequenced video I'm fine, because Pano2VR should be able to do the rest.

Thanks also for the reminder on tax breaks - I'm not sure if this will be a business yet or not, so for now it's just something that's neat for me to try out at certain personal events if I buy the video capable components.

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