how are VR Tours supposed to be organized in folders?

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Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:38 pm

In the past, using Quicktime VR tours with hot spots, I created a folder of movies, a folder of stills, a folder of webpages. Each webpage contained a VR, when a hotspot in a QTVR was clicked, it brought up a webpage with its QTVR embedded in it.

I have been successfully using Pano2VR for years to make single node panos. but not a big tour all linked together.
I have been going over all the tutorials. And I am starting to get the impression that when building a tour with Pano2VR, you give each pano a unique name, but everything, ALL files for a compete multi-node tour, are dumped into one folder. Is that right?

And there is no reason why, if I can't output Object2VR files into the same folder, correct?

Because I need to start with an objectVR of an airplane. be able to "walk" around it. Click on hotspots that open up still images of close ups of the plane, then, when I click on the cockpit, or nose wheel compartment, instantly go to the Panorama I created of that space.

That is what I did in the past with Cubic Connector and QuicktimeVR Authoring Studio. But my solution then was to give each .mov file its own .html page.
But Pano2VR and Object2VR and its hotspot and skin editors create so many files, I feel overwhelmed by the organization of all the files. But if I am just to dump everything, each with their own names, into the same folder, I guess I don't' need to worry about it. Is that about right?

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