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Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:57 pm

We are developing a panorama to be a teaching tool where students would click on custom icon hotspots to learn information about that item. They also will navigate between multiple room panos using the default hotspot target icon.

Our goal is when the custom icon is touched, a text box will display and stays on the screen until the custom icon hotspot is selected again.

1. Works great on windows, the iPad does not always display the text when selecting the icon. What souce action is best for the iPad - mouse click, mouse over, mouse enter, pressed??? I do have gyroscope turned on - if that makes any difference.

2. Would it help to increase the size of the icon (Mouse Over) or hotspot target area (Mouse Enter) ? The skin containing the multiple custom icons must be used in all panos regardless if those custom icons are not used?

3. Area hotspots are not advised for HTML5?

4. I've reread all your tutorials - Is there a good reference example that shows proper setup of all hotspots, skins parameters, and flash/html settings for a tour (multiple panos) Looked at the map example which has only an index.html for multiple panos?

Thank you for the great support... :D
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