QickTime: possible to setup a panoramatour ?

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Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:30 am

Dear all,

to output any panorama is of course possible and I did it - and it works fine.

outputting with an area-hotspot works also - and the a-hs-link to any other .mov or .html does also work well, I just tested that.

Bit there are some general questions, to better understand the qtvr possibilities:

-- does point hotspots not work generally with qt - or is that functionality just not available within Pano2VR ?
-- if the cursor is over the area-hs, it is changing, but is it possible to show any textfield, or some more/other actions when clicking on it ?

-- is there any documentation here - I did not find some docs, regarding this "skin" and "tour" and "hotspot-functions" questions...

again: thanks for all your input :-)
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