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Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:01 pm

Hello Thomas,

Bug report

If Hotspots are not enabled none of the autorotate functions are working in Flash 9 output.
As soon as there is a single hotspot present then autorotate is working but then the delay time to return to the horizon is the same as the delay time for autorotate. So if the delay for autorotate is set to 2 seconds and the delay for the return to the horizon is set to 10 (max) then after 2 seconds both the autorotate is starting and the return to the horizon.

The same issue for auto rotate as with Intel.
The workaround, creating a hotspot is not possible because it is not possible to add hotspots.
It seems that the application is not creating the hotspot images, the hotspot image in the window you use for drawing the hotspots is overlayed with a blue transparant shield and no hotspots can be created.

So far for the bug report. I also have a few questions regarding other issues.

Q1) Were are the hotspot image files stored after creation ?

Q2) How can the size of the hotspots text window be set to fit the Title text ?
It would be nice if this can be done automaticly just as in the older version.

Q3) When only flash8 is installed is then automaticly a download option for a newer version (flash9) presented ?

Thanks for creating this fine application, all issues regarding the slow and jurky rotation of flash8 output are now history with flash9 :-)



Found the answer for Q1; the .PNG hotspot image files are stored in the same folder as the project file/source image(s).
On Intel the hotspot image files are white and the hotspots are marked in yellow with a diferent brightness of yellow for each hotspot.
On PPC the hotspot image file is totally black when it is created, when changing it manually to white then the hotspots are created in black, not yellow and therefore not working.
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Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:47 pm

Ok, I have to investigate into the auto rotation thing further. I will also make the hotspot box size changeable in the next beta but for the moment I uploaded a new beta1b that fixed the PPC hotspot editor bug. Thx for the Bug report.
Regarding Q3: You can do this in the HTML file. There is a Flash Player Detection Kit by Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplay ... ction_kit/ . The HTML files generated with the future beta version of Pano2VR will include this detection code (as also Pano2QTVR does for Flash 8 ).
MfG, Thomas
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