Highlight curent location, how ?

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Highlight curent location, how ?

Post by bo3d » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:38 am

I need to make some small tours - more like before and after kind of thing.

My VRs have 3D inserts that show architectural updates to a location.
So depending on how complex these are there are going to be up to 3 VRs from the same POV ( same VR with various inserts )
One is the status quo, and two with two alternative alterations.

For navigation I plan on using image thumbnails on top of the VR.
This is the behavior that I want to get:
Current location thumbnail image will be 100% opaque. ( It's the Red / Yellow dot from the tutorials )
I would like to add a frame to the thumbnail with same behavior ( tried with a box ).
The alternates are 50% opaque.
They all turn 100% opaque on mouse over. Back to 50 on mouse out.
They load the appropriate VR on click and stay opaque 100% till current version changes.

Sounds simple but I can't seem to figure out how to set the stay 100% opaque for current location.
The ID and proxy things don't compile very well in my mind.

Do I need to have a different skin for each VR ?
I will end up doing some frame animation, but I'd rather do something simpler.

Please concentrate with the explanations on what behaviors I need to set and how do I define hotspots /IDs . I guess that's where I am having trouble sorting things out. Don't assume I know anything.

I'll keep tinkering with it in the meanwhile.

Many thanks !

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