HTML5 player tile loading issues

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HTML5 player tile loading issues

Post by tuesi » Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:17 pm

I'm trying this workaround for ... f=6&t=5397 and it's not working.

So, in my HTML5 skin, I've changed the action to "Open Next Panorama" and setting the URL and Target. My Target is my pan/tilt/fov.
The URL I'm using is just the name of the swf.

However, I'm experiencing this...I load the pano, and after the loading bar goes away, I immediately click on a hotspot. (clicking on the hotspot first (1) Open Next Panorama (but in actuality i'm going to the same pano just a different view (2) hides a set of elements that I'm targetting using Regex (3) )

The pano goes blank, but I can still see the skin elements. What could be happening? It seems like the tiles don't fully load or some of them don't load at all. When I navigate to another pano and come back to this one, the pano doesn't reload so the pano is blank again.

Is there a placeholder that indicates the same movie? like $this or something so that I don't actually have to load a 'new' pano.

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