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Point Hotspot Title...

Post by mhc1 » Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:18 pm

Hello community :)

I use Pano2VR V 2.3.4 on a Windows XP/32 system with my own skin etc.
Not having problems with this.

Now I have to link some hotspots to create a tour (I used Easypano before)
Basic hotspots creating, image, etc - no problem.

My questions:

1. is it normal, that hostpots only work with a webserver (XAMP : ok- hostpots work,
directly called the html/swf through the file-manager (Wincommander): no)

2. point- hotspot: the title is always visible in the pano after loading, cannot make them
disappear when initiating.
I tried various action "on init - hide element - $self" as well as actions on the hotspot
(hide element - "hotspot text")

All actions work perfect after the image is loaded (hide, show, alpha ...) but not on INIT.

I created an Area Hotspot: there the title only appears when the mouse is inside the area.

I tried as shown in the videos from karyn - also in various forums (searched for "Hotspot Titel") -> but I was not successful.

Can someone give me a hint ???

Thank you very much for any advice.


OK I got it.
Trick is to set the visibility to 0 and not use an INIT action for this.

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