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Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:37 pm


http://gardengnomesoftware.com/forum/vi ... f=6&t=5146
Instructions coming soon, but basically you will find it in the Html5/Css3 html page, just enter the first swf in the tour, so will look to see if Html5/Css3 compatible, if not it will call the swf, note all files need to be in the same folder to work, xml's and SWF's, but work it does.
i'm using the beta 3, but i'm unable to ceate a flash fallback pano.

1.) do i have to load the modernizr.js and do something with that?
just enter the first swf in the tour
- do you mean linkt to the swf instead of the index.html?

at the moment i've created the html5, the swf - Folder-> (name_out.swf, name_out.xml, name.html, images-folderm p2q_embed_objects.js, pano2vr_player.js, skin.js)

if use firefox - i don't get flash :::

any ideas - may somebody help me

thanks - regards

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Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:16 pm

by trying and testing i found one of my mistakes - somewher here in the forum i loaded a "fullscreen.ggt" - especially for html5 export - but in this template the "flashfallback" isn't integrated - now im searching for a solution for that - all test by modifying it manual in the html, xml and js files are failing - is there an solution for that?


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Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:10 pm

I've tried to put the first .swf into the fall back field in the output settings. When I start IE8 and point to the HTML5 pano html page, it tries to load a swf, but the swf never loads. I just see a grey box.

The html5 html file, the .xml, the .swf are all in the same folder.
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Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:53 pm

There is an excellent fullscreen template made by Hans. I wrote some lines of information where to put the template and the like. AFAIK it works flawlessly on all browsers and devices. Of course you have to use the correct tabs for the output and to load all the files generated by the template to your website preserving the hierarchy of the folders. Here is a screen shot of pano2vr using Hans' template in action:
(1004.19 KiB) Downloaded 88 times
Here You can get Hans' template:
http://gardengnomesoftware.com/forum/vi ... 265#p21000

Here is an example of fullscreen html5 and flash fallback created with Hans' template:
http://www.alois.cc/fullscreen-2-ggt/ma ... rol-1.html
Please tell me in case this example should not work.

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