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Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:12 pm

Are there any limits to the input file size for Pano2VR 2.3.4? I made a panorama from 20 16mb stills, resulting in a final 8-bit tiff file of 308,055KB. This seems to import OK into Pano2VR, showing as a cylindrical pano sized 23,739x4,429/8. However, when I generate a Quick Time file with .html, the resulting image will not display, and when I attempt to open the .mov file in Apple Quick Time, I get the message that "a bad public movie atom was found". When I generate a Flash (9) output, the html displays a blank image. I can convert the .TIF to a lower resilution .JPG, which will generate an image, but with poor resolution. I have tried endless variations of settings to no avail.

So how do I generate those stunning high-resolution panoramas? I AM able to use the full-size .TIF to generate a high-res movie using Pano2QTVR, but that's only visible directly in Apple Quick Time - I can't seem to embed it in an .html page - and my viewers find that the Apple Quick Time plug-in redirection doesn't work - they want Flash.
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Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:46 pm

Hi Hedgehog, welcome to the forum

I suspect that your imaging is not destined to be posted on an internet webpage.

308mb 8bit tiff's make a very large cylinder panorama.

Maybe someone can help refresh my memory for cylinders.. For Flash 9 I think there is a selectable switch for [x] Ignore maximum image size to lift Flash's image size limit of 2880 pixel width.
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Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:28 am

Reduced the file size to 12,000 pixels wide, and was able to generate a .swf in an .html page. However, the image comes up at 100% magnification, which won't fit into the 800x600 box I had planned. I can reduce the image using the "-" control, to allow a viewer to pan across, but this might not be intuitive. An example is at:

Postscript: Found the Flash setting "FOV mode" and set to "Max". This helps with initial magnification. However, setting the view to the left edge does not seem to have the final image come up that way; the panorama is still centered in the box.
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Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:36 pm

I built a 305 meg (12,500 by 6,250) 8 bit TIF and ran it with version 2.3.4 Pano2VR. My objective was to be able to show greater detail as you zoomed in. I reset the viewing parameters to zoom in to maximun 7 degrees but held the zoom out limit to 100degrees.
I processed both QuickTime mov and Flash swf files which played well. In processing, I was not able to set up a hot spot. I ran into "Out of Memory" faults. This only occured in processing a hot spot. Has anyone else run into similar problems? Any solution would be appreciated.
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