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Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:26 pm

I have entered URL's for several Hotspots and embedded the resulting SWF into an all Flash web site. While running the web site, whether on my local computer or live online, clicking on the hotspots in the pano results in nothing happening. Every once in a long while it may work, but usually not. Once a UTL is attempted all functions in the Flash site are able to access other files on the same server. After I removed all URL's from Hotspots everything returned to normal.

Have others seen this problem? I have tried accessing my project Flash site from several different computers and the behavior is unchanged. I am suspecting that this is an incompatibility with the Flash Player 9 & 10. My pano was exported from Pano2VR in Flash 8 format and all my Flash is written in AS2. All my URL's are full long addresses and have been confirmed to be correct.

I couldn't find any help elsewhere in this forum. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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