Linking between skins... Am I really that stupid?

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Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:42 pm

Ok here goes...

(go to url but in same window...)

I have about 20 images I would like to incorporate into a tour...

So my plan is this...

Use one map state to link to the general area... (one pano in the area) which is open and closed (not meant to be left open)... more of a general area selection...(top left corner)

then on another map state oposite corner (top right) which remains open and will be "zoomed in" showing greater detail of land as well as showing more panos... lets say 4-5 odd... but the "zoomed in" map will be different in the 4-5 panos...(top right)

So for ease of orientation I would like the viewer to select general area from the "large are map" (top left) and be able to see greater detail in the area with the map on the top right map.

Now this is where I fall horribly short... thanks to people posting their skins I am able to replicate and adjust happily, but now that I when I create a link with "go to url" nothing happens... How do I link another swf with different skin that does not open in new window... the go to url just seems to do nothing...

I want to be able to put this onto a cd so http://www etc is not applicable as per this link from 360 texas ... url#p10877
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Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:25 pm

"Go to URL" should have some effect...
Just in case: If you haven't got the URL all right, then nothing happens after clicking on that button. So be sure it is right.
And: Changing SWF and skin in the same window - well, we just use "Go to URL...", a html-adress and in the 'target'-field we write self (or _self).
Changing skin is only available with html at the moment.
Hope I could help somehow.
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Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:50 pm

Hello Wolff

Thanks for the effort! I finally figured it out... see below...

for anyone having a hard time viewing a "go to URl" with "_self" and nothing occurs... (open new url in same window) check your flash security settings... ... ger04.html

add your drive where tour resides and viola...
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