possible bug 2.2.4 beta probs with restricting viewing param

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Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:25 am

or perhaps just me....
when using viewing parameters, and trying to limit the panning, on the 'left' the numbers go up to 400, on the 'right' they go from 315 down to -44. Surely these should be 0 to 360....? When I click 'left' to limit the panning to the left, I cannot move the panorama any further to the right. The whole restrict viewing parameters has gone mad!

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Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:52 pm

The range must be -360 to 360 because you need to be able to define the visible part in a logic way. Just think of a pano where you just have a 180° image from -90 to 90. To show this half you can enter Pan - Min: -90, Max: 90. But if you like to show the other half you would need Min: 90, Max: -90..... which is not very logic and smart to have Max < Min, and for that reason it is not supported. The solution is to use Min: 90 and Max: 270 (or -270/-90). If you are in a tricky part of the panorama just add (or subtract) 360° for one border to find valid limits that fulfill the condition Min < Max and everything should work fine.
MfG, Thomas
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