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Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:57 am

Just want to know, what is possible to do with 360 Video, so I ask:

1. Is the output some kind of a streaming format, or does the user need to wait for the complete download of the video?
2. Same question: What happens on node change (360video-nodes), does the transition need to wait for the download of the complete next video?
3. Point Hot-Spots are available, right?
4. Polygon-HS cannot be used with 360video, right?
5. Are there any restrictions, while using individual point-hs in 360 videos (animated svg, or gif with ext. Loader, or png with transparency, 3D-distortion)?
6. What can be used in the same way as in 360-stills-pano, what restricions need to be planned on
Pinned Images, Pinned Videos, Lens Flares in 360-videos?
7. Any more hints?

Thanks again for the phantastic support!
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Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:27 pm

1) if encoded correctly 360 videos will stream, use HandBrake and set to web optimised.
2) No it will transition but show the preview image until the video starts to play, but again if encoded correctly this will be almost instant.
3) Right
4) Wrong, you can use polygon hotspots but like point hotspots, they are static and do not move with the video
5) Nope, that's thas possible with 360 panoramas is also possible with a 360 video
6) Just make sure the camera is not moving as hotspots will not move with the video, other than that nothing I can think of
7) Use HandBrake, I use the Apple 1080p 30 Surround preset but also select web optimised.
This adds the AC3 codec to the audio which is needed by Safari on macOS and iOS/iPadOS to keep the audio synchronised with the video.
This will produce a video with the file extension .m4v, but this works with all the top browsers, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.
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