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Sat Apr 03, 2021 2:22 pm

Hello again,
I want to provide a virtual exhibition to an art class. Should be easy by adding pinned images to a customs roompanorama.
But now I´ve found some problems:
As soon as an image is choosen for the spot, the dimensions are fixed for this position. My plan was to pin a sample image called "a.jpg" in a special folder for position a.
Then this image "a" should be replaced by a student´s work with a given max size in width or height. However all new images inserted and renamed to "a", "b", etc take over the dimensions of my sample image. So they are distorted (if not exactly the same width/height relation).

Wanted to change to hotspot with external image, because here the image is loaded with it´s original dimension. But here I don´t have control to adjust to image in x/y/y/pan/tilt/FoV to get the right perspective depending of the position within the pano.
Can it be done by modificators?

By the way: no chance to change the clickmode for pinned image from "Pop out 100%" to "80%", isn´t it?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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