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Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:46 pm

I wonder if it is possible to create in Pano2VR panoramic view which would show existing location and after pressing onscreen button view would be updated with the same location but after building was constructed?
I mean I would create alternate panoramic view with photomontage in additional software and Pano2VR would be used to present it nicely to the client?
My only idea for now is to create two panoramas and by clicking button existing would be replaced with second. There is one problem though: I can't keep the same parameters for camera: angle, zoom. So second panorama starts from default parameters which very much spoils expected effect.
Thank you in advance Rafal
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Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:35 pm

This can be done easily but depending on how you have taken your panoramas will depend on which way you would use.
If your 360 panoramas have the same starting position.

With Pano2VR 6 pro you would add your panoramas, node1 and node2.
Then you would add a button that would open the next node using the "current view".
So this copies the pan, tilt and FoV values from node1 to node2.

If your panoramas do not look in the same direction you would use the North setting as a reference.
So in the viewer select the centre mark or grid view.
Rotate node one so you can zoom in and line up to a reference point in your node1, such as a door frame or the side of a building.
Then set this as North, does not matter that it is not.

Then in Node2, rotate to the same reference point in the panorama.
Set this as North.

The action would be Open Next panorama, but target Forward.
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