World Wide Panorama - Q1 2021 "Rise"

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The World Wide Panorama began in March, 2004, and has become a quarterly series of events featuring VR photography. Photographers all over the world are welcome to participate.

Last themed event is called "Q1/2021: Rise".
This is an event for novice, intermediate and pro photographers.
This is not a judged event.

What it does mean is that your imaging might be viewed by future potential clients.

A panorama you personally took and made ready for uploading

The preparation server will be open from January 1 to March 31.
You can request your own account/profile page on the server during this period.

The new event’s site will be made public as soon as this administrative check is complete.
There will be a Late Edit period after the first edition is made public, and a second, extended edition will be published after Late Edit is completed.

For more details and essay examples of what might be for "Rise" please follow here ... Event.html

->>>> This Notice will automatically expire (45 days) 31 March 2021
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Nice topic!! One day I'll post day!
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