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Tue Feb 09, 2021 11:11 am

Is it possible to delay one of skin actions? For example: If i added two actions - "position" and "scale" to a button when i click on it - it execute both actions at same time. I want to execute moving first and after the object stops it should resize...

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Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:44 pm

You would use a timer, set to one time.
A timer can have Activate and Deactivate actions.
If the timer was set to Manual, the first action would be:
Activate, Change Element Position.
Deactivate, Change Element Scale

The button would need to have the action Set Value which would have the duration in seconds on the delay and target the timer.
So on click, the set value action would activate the timer which would move the element, then on timeout, it will deactivate so will then scale the element.

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