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Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:21 pm

Hi- Ive tried to search the previous posts but am a bit new still to the software and this forum so apologies if this is easy to find.

To cut a long story short- I have the possibility to pitch 360 tours as a fully separate service to another arm of a current highly secretive client.

Theres no way it will be possible to have this hosted on a separate webserver etc and will need to be held on their shared drive as a standalone executable program.

Ive been testing and cant get it to work with Pano2VR without each viewer having to download the package viewer and then drag the file to their desktop to use it for example.

The 3Dvista exportable works but I really dont like the software and am fully committed to building out the product using Pano2VR.

I am wondering if anyone would know how to emulate that feature or who to talk to?

Many Thanks,

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