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3D Editor with Hotspot

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:45 pm
by flatschart
Big compliment for this great software! Really great what you can do with it!

But I have a question about the editor and settings for hotspots.
There are 2 ways to change the look of a hotspot (which I know).
1. Directly via the editor in the 3D view with the point hotspot tool, simply click into the panorama scene.
Then I can select an image file in the properties, if I click on the hotspot in the 3D view, I see the graphic instead of the placeholder (crosshairs).
My first question about this is, is there an option where I can turn off the placeholders and see all hotspot graphics without clicking on it?

2. Creating a hotspot using the Skin Editor.
Here you can create various settings and triggers, rollover hotspot and more.
What I ask, however, is if I set a hotspot in my panorama scene and select my created hotspot for the Skin-ID option, it will also be displayed to me in the HTML output.
But not in the 3D editor, regardless of whether I click on the placeholder symbol or not. Adjusting the size using the mouse is also not possible.

Am I seeing something important about here? It is not possible to see and scale an inserted hotspot that was created with the Skin Editor in the 3D view. But I now need different sizes in the room, if I change the size using the Skin Editor, all hotspots change in size with the same ID. Adjusting the size in the 3D editor would also make the whole thing easier!

What one variant can do, how others cannot. Very annoying....

Thank you!