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Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:27 pm

This might be a simple question, is there a way to rotate a node to face a certain way in the tour? I am using directional arrows to guide users through the tour but want to use the same arrow for each spot versus having to chose from 360 different arrows. Is there a way to rotate the node to the direction I want it to point?

Thank you
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Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:19 pm

Two ways to do this, make copies of the hotspot template in the skin, each has the arrow pointing in a different direction.
As an example, you could have ht_node_up, ht_node_left, ht_node_right and so on.
Then when setting hotspots in the viewer select which hotspot template you will use by selecting it from the Skin-ID menu.

Or you could get clever and use the description text field to store the angle data for the image.
If you need to use the description text field then you need to use the above method.
But you can use a node changed action, to set the angle.
Please see the attached project, the angle data is set in each point hotspots description text field.
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Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:32 am

Just a few weeks ago, I did the almost same thing, but used a variable, so that I could write the "clock-angle" into the description field and it is "translated" by the variable to the angle of the arrow.
But with Hopkis trick - using the "node changed action" - it is more simple to setup!
Thanks fo rthat one!!

Old request:
And this is a very good example ( and there are some more...) why we should get more text entering fields in the hotspot editor.
I already had some other usecase:

And thinking of multilanguage projects, there are many more options.
(Of course it is very good to have all the possibilities since v6, but just as I explained in the linked thread: It is more clear, more transparent, while working in the hs-editor, because in the skin(editor) it is a lot more complex to keep the overview, while handling sometimes hundreds of hs with (only) 3 or 4 languages in y bigger tour...
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