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Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:05 pm

Hi there! Here's something which would really come in handy for me right now and maybe for some other people out there so I'd like to see where this one goes.... I'm currently about to compile a set of tours for a school. The total number of "sets" or rooms is 27 with 3-9 panos in each one. Each room will have navigation between each pano much like street view using the 3D hotspot component in the skin. Now here's where things get interesting...

I have done this before for another school where the tour was compiled for all rooms into one big tour:

There is a debate going on currently with the client as to if they are going to go down the big tour route / solution OR that each room will be an individual pano2vr project / output folder and that the web development company will be creating an interactive map separately which links to the individual tours and opens them up in a lightbox or new browser tab.

Ideally I'd like to get the ball rolling now while I'm waiting and have some precious little free time on my hands as I'm booked all this weekend and next week so now is the best time to be working on it. My feature request is this:

It would be amazing if I could put the big tour together right now, add the navigation hot spots between each of the panos, add the necessary tags etc as I normally would if the tour is to indeed be the big tour. Then, once this has been built I would like the ability to open up a fresh project in a new window and simply drag a set of panos which make up one of the rooms into it (e.g. English classroom), preserving the tags and hot spots and save it out as a new project e.g. english-classroom.p2vr

At the moment as it stands I can't find the ability to do this, so if I want to make separate tours for each of the rooms, I need to add the panos, export the nadirs, patch them in photoshop, add the navigation, the whole work really for each one AGAIN which doubles the amount of work required.

Is this something which could ever be implemented?

Or - as a thought while writing this, would it work to duplicate the school.p2vr file 27 times, rename each one to a particular room and then delete the unnecessary panos and save it? Obviously the skin will have the be changes for each one as the menu, logo and floor plans won't be required but would this work perhaps as a quick work around?
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Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:26 pm

I think you could simply use the complete/big tour project and modify the skin to hide the navigational hotspots if you want to use the panoramas as individual panoramas.

With direct node access a specific panorama of the tour can be linked to directly from the 3rd party navigation.
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Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:09 am

Yeah that's not a bad idea. Thanks!
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