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Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:18 pm

I am testing the fullscreen mode on a MacBook Pro 2019 and on an iPad Air 3d generation.

MacBook Pro:
fullscreen does work, but my control panel strip at the screen bottom disappears.
I thought I could simply set its z-index to a very high value, but that doesn't make any difference

same issue with the control strip. In addition in fullscreen mode I get a black strip at the screen bottom, which seems to be the same height as the browser header and favorites combined.

Note 1: the my control panel strip is completely independent of the pano container and does't rely on pano2VR.
Note 2: Using the fullscreen API of the Safari browser I don't have those problems, at least not on the MacBook Pro.
Note 3: I checked the CSS of the default templates regarding the fullscreen mode. Other than html (height: 100%, overflow: hidden) and the pano container height and width set to 100% I didn't notice anything else that should be taken into account.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated,
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