Unique skin.js file? Issue with thumbnails

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Sat Jul 18, 2020 2:02 pm

Hi everyone, my name is Julien and I am new to this forum :)

1) I have a website with many virtual tours currently hosted by a third party service, and I am now recreating all these tours with Pano2VR in order to host them myself.
I would like to do something but I am not sure it is possible:

I am always using the same skin for all my tours. Would it be possible to have one skin.js file in one location, this way if I change something in my skin one day, I would just need to update this one file and it would take effect on all my tours directly. A little like a CSS file. I actually almost succeeded, the only issue I have is to fetch the thumbnail images.

I know a bit of HTML or CSS but unfortunately I don't know JS, is there a way to get the skin.js file to select the right virtual tour folder in order to get the right thumbnails?
For example, if I open virtual-tour-1.html, it would know that it needs to get the thumbnails located in the virtual-tour-1/images folder. Not sure it is possible, couldn't find an answer on the forum.

Or if you have any other idea to avoid updating/replacing tons of skin.js files every time I make a change, I would be happy to hear about it!

2) Another little question to improve productivity in my task, inside the Pano2VR software, is it possible to add default user data? For example, any time I create a new project, the Author and Copyright fields would already show my name automatically.

Thank you!
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