Bug: Animation Changes FoV itself in FoV Mode: Diagonal

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Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:14 pm

As title says: in Animation the FoV changes itself with no input from me.

I followed the tutorial for animations and it didn't work anything like it was supposed to, so I reduced and reduced what I was attempting until I finally had just this:

1) Open Animation Editor
2) Add clip01
3) Close Animation Editor (i.e do absolutely nothing)
4) Export Panorama.
5) Turn on Autorotation

The very first thing it does is Zoom in to a closer FoV. There is literally nothing making it do that.

I've found many things don't work as expected with FoV values since I made my Panoramas FoV mode: Diagonal because I want it to look correct on mobile and desktop devices.
It still doesn't quite manage it, but it's closer than any of the other options.

E.g. Navigating from one Pano to another does not work correctly unless I leave off the target's FoV value, i.e 123/50/(leave blank)

The same Animation 'Auto Zoom' occurs when FoV mode is Horizontal, but it stays where it should when it's on Vertical - just like in the Animation Tutorial - and I can make the animation behave as it should, but that's no use when I need the Mode to be Diagonal.

As the default FoV mode is Vertical and I suspect many people don't change it, I'm guessing this is a lesser explored area for discovering bugs?
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