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Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:37 pm

Hi Hopki

I have a tour with several points of interest and each requires an audio file. IE click custom Point Hotspot A to play audio file A. Click Point Hotspot B to play audio file B etc.

What might be the best way to set this up so that I have a single skin element (hotspot with audio icon) and I can then associate each different audio file(s) with each different instance of that point Hotspot.

Should it be URL, info, video or something else entirely?

I have semi solved my requirement by creating a skin element called ht_audio and referencing the audio/sound file at a skin level.

That actually works very well but I'd have to duplicate my point hotspot several times (one for each audio file) if I was going to go down that route. IE I'd end up with duplicate versions at a skin level of the same hotspot element.

Many thanks
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Sat Jun 20, 2020 10:41 pm

I think I have this sorted. Just documenting here in case anyone else needs it but correct me if there's a better way.

You have 3 audio files you want to add to a project
You have a hotspot to trigger each

1. Drop your 3 sound files onto your node and set the ID to audio-01, audio-02 and audio-03
2. Configure the other sound properties as required
3. Create a point hotspot template and set a logic block to: click > playstopsound > $hd
4. Drop the hotspot onto your node and in the description field, make sure your description matches exactly the ID assigned in step 1 IE audio-01 to play audio-01 etc
5. Repeat for your 2 other point hotspots

Seems to work.
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Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:02 pm

Will the sounds play in other nodes?
If so then add all sounds to node1, set Keep.
Sel loop to -1
Give then unique ID's as you say audio-01 etc.

Add a point hotspots, in the Target text field add the ID, audio-01.
So each hotspot can play a different audio file.

In the skin add a Hotspot Template and give it the action, Mouse Click, Play Media, loop 1, $(ht).
You can set the Hotspot Templates ID to ht_snd.
Then in the Hotspot Editor make sure all the point hotspots that will play sound use the Skin-ID ht_snd.
This will use one hotspot to play many sounds.
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