Feature Request: Embed 3d Distorted Hotspots into Tiles

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Sun May 31, 2020 1:37 pm

(This might already exist and I've missed it, but if not: read on)

If you've got some 3d Distorted Hostspots and you know they'll never move or change, then it makes sense to embed them directly into the Exported Tile images, so they're only drawn once.

Currently, on more modest viewing platforms, or slower connections, they:

a) load up and display before anything else, which looks weird if you're trying to do something 'invisibly', and
b) lag badly behind the tiles when the image rotates, which also looks weird and spoils any 'invisible' overlays.

It's also slower to draw two 360 projections, one on top of the other, than a single one; so everything would run more smoothly and use less RAM.

Obviously, this is only useful if the Hotspot images never need to change, or if they're completely covered by something that reacts to them being activated, so you'd need a Tick box to indicate it as 'Permanent' only when you were sure of this.

Sure you could (re)draw them on directly in Photoshop or something, but having to do this every time if you move, resize or change them in some way when the Editor can do it much more conveniently would be a lot better.

Perhaps I missed something and this facility already exists. If so, my apologies and can someone direct me to the relevant docs link?
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