How do I keep Hotspots the same size as the view changes?

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Thu May 21, 2020 4:25 pm

I have a problem where hotspots change size from the centre of the view to the edges, where they're ~20% smaller.

This is especially noticeable when the thing they are attached to gets bigger as it approches the sides due to the'box projection. FoV is the standard 70degrees, although changing it doesn't fix anything.

Specific problem is: I have a hotspot on the nadir to cover the tripod and stay upright, rather than just patching it and having the patch rotate, and it fits fine when looking directly down.

It's using a Modifier for Scale: 1/tan(FoV), which keep it the same size when zooming in, but as the view moves upwards: it gets smaller as the tripod gets bigger and so the legs show again before getting clipped by the screen edge. In order to prevent this I'd have to increase the nadir hotspot's size by about 25%, which is way too big.

How can I avoid this and also have Hotspots stay the same size as the viewport rotates? I tried having them affected by the 3D projection, but they distorted too much.

Also on a phone, the initial size of the Nadir hotpot is much larger in Landscape mode than in Portrait mode, so if anyone's got any tips on how to fix that I'd be grateful.
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