Webinar request: WCAG features

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Thu May 21, 2020 3:32 pm

Would love to see a webinar featuring the addition of various WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) features, which helps people with various disabilities (mainly visual and audio impairment).
  1. The UK Government has set accessibility requirements.
  2. In turn they are referring to the US 18F Accessibility Guide which has a list of critical features
  3. This is summarised on this WCAG Quick Reference.
There are three levels of WCAG: A, AA and AAA. The UK Government requires AA compliance, which includes at least these features (taken from the WCAG Quick Reference). There are about 50 items in total:
  1. All scenes/hotspots/menus can have a text and audio description
  2. All audio can have a text description
  3. All tours can be operated by the keyboard alone
  4. Tours can be logically structured
  5. Tours can allow control of Colours, Audio, Contrast, Text size etc
I envisage that Pano2VR could have a WCAG audit page which notes whether the designed tour meets WCAG levels A, AA or AAAA. If this was independently audited, it would give Pano2VR an edge over its competitors.
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