Bug? 3D distorted Hotspot images covering a cube face sometimes get hidden

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Tue May 19, 2020 12:04 pm

Hi all,

This is an issue I couldn't find a solution for for weeks. See the example here as a basis to talk about:

At the centre of each tile I placed a 3D distorted Hotspot. I configured it to show a semi transparent square covering the tiles as soon as they get out of focus.That partly works. Only when the corner of two adjecant tiles is swiped to the middle of the screen, the intended soft fading of the square takes place. But when a tile is focussed in the middle, most adjecant tiles aren't covered by the transparent square anymore. They just disappear and tend to suddenly 'pop-in' as soon as the pan angle reaches a certain value.

See the example video I created to illustratie the situation:

And the project files:

My question is, what should be done to make the hotspots of the non-focus tiles to be always shown?

Any help is really appreciated!

Kind regards,

Dennis van Duijn
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