20th May 16:00 GMT + 1 Variables and Logic Blocks| part 2 Webinar.

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Fri May 15, 2020 11:26 pm

20th May @ 16:00 GMT + 1 Variables and Logic Blocks| Part 2 Webinar.
In Part 1 we built a Back button and an Animated Point Hotspot.
Part 2 follows on from Part 1, so if you have not seen the video please visit the link below and check out the Variables and Logic Block part 1 video.
In part 2 we will be adding to the back button exploring logic blocks to add features such as colour change and different text on mouseover.
This also looks at using the Text Variable in the button.
Then we will be looking at the Animated Point Hotspot.
We will be adding variables to this and externalising them to make it into a component.
To register for the Variables and Logic Blocks | Part 2 webinar or if you want to view past webinars please see our webinars page: https://ggnome.com/webinars/
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