Fullscreen workaround on IOS only works one time!

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Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:07 am

Hey! I'm struggling with the *fullscreen mode IOS workaround*.

I know I have to add this action filter to the button that I want to go fullscreen with:



That works great but only for the first load. (Im testing my tour with the help of xampp. This way I don't need to upload the tour for every test/change I want to view and I have to go fully out of the tour folder and reopen it fresh so that a click on the button (with this action filter from above) sends me into fullscreenmode in a new tab again.)... Same when I upload it as usual and test it.

I'm sure it's me doing something wrong here... cause if this works once this should work all the time.

This is my tour setup:


And I added the action filter to both the "tutorial" and the "betreten" (means "enter") button on the bottom of the infocard.

When it opens a new tab it goes into fullscreen mode and sends me directly into the tour like it should:


But as mentioned before the problem I have with this is that it only works the first time. I need to fully leave the tour page to make it work again. Simply refreshing the tour page won't make it work again :( :( :(

Pretty confused and helpless over here.

Hope somebody can help me out on this one.

Thank you so much for your help and time!
Stay safe and healthy

With kind regards
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Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:54 pm

Hi Chris,
I can not see anything wrong with your method.
However, for testing use the built-in web server in Pano2VR.
This was covered in the last webinar video.
Please see: https://ggnome.com/gg_webinars/skin-edi ... ve-design/
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