Thumbnail Menu Simplex - how to enlarge quickly?

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Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:35 pm

Simplex_v6 skin is pretty good one. It has 2 cloners: one to show node thumbnails for mobile and one for desktop.

I want to enlarge desktop Thumbnail Menu and I'm confused how quickly and correctly to do it.

Parent element "thumbnail_menu" height=85px
its child element "thumbnail_cloner" size is 96x62px
and next child element "thumbnail_nodeImage" has size 140x90px. But it has SCALING 62x58% too.
Why these percentages are needed?
What is common algorithm to change thumbnails size in cloner?
For the first try I changed some mentioned sizes but menu was getting "twisted".
What should dependencies be like?

Current thumbnail's size is 85x51px.
For testing purposes I just multiplied the width and length of all elements (pixels values, not percent) by 2. It works: The thumbnail has doubled correctly.

But how to calculate if I want to enlarge thumbnail in different proportion? Maybe there is a simple way to quickly change thumbnail menu size?
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Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:46 pm

The idea is that the node images are all the same size, but in the output they are not.
So scaling is used.
If the node images were different sizes Panop2VR would need to produce thumbnails for the two different sizes of images,
The Hotspot Node image and the Thumbnail manus all use the same images.
You can "Save As" and then modify the skin, if you mess it up, then just make a note of what you did and save another one.
This is the best way to learn.
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