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Thu Apr 02, 2020 5:17 pm

Hi all,

I seem to have come across a bug when using Chrome on mobile to view a tour. The first issue is the tour does not open to the default view, which should be looking down the inside of the motorhome from the cab to the back. The second issue is when first opened, you cannot move the tour with your finger, however, gyro IS enabled. The third issue is none of the hotspots show.

If you then select another node from the pop-up menu, the hotspots show and you can use your finger to rotate the view, as well as use the gyro which is still active. Navigating back to the opening node confirms the hotspots show there also.

The next issue is the gyro. Even though strangely it's active by default you can still click the gyro button in the skin menu but doing this introduces significant shaking to the pano. Disabling the gyro by the button resolves the shaking but leaves the gyro still enabled.

The last issue is one that has been around for a while and that is when using a video overlay on a TV (for example), it does not display fully, instead, it leaves a gap down the right-hand side of the TV. If you then rotate the pano, just before the TV goes out of shot the video overlay swipes to fill the space correctly.

For comparison, I tested using the Brave browser and the tour opened to the correct starting view with hotspots showing. However, the gyro was not active (which should be the case), BUT there was no gyro button in the skin menu to either enable or disable the gyro. For some reason unknown to me, it displays by default in Chrome but not in Brave.

You can see all of these issues in the following videos:
Equipment used:
  • Mobile Phone: OnePlus 5
  • Chrome Browser: 80.0.3987.162
  • Brave Browser: 1.5.9, Chromium 80.0.3987.132 (Brave uses Chromium, the open-source platform that Google Chrome is built on)
  • Pano2vr: Version: 6.1.3 pro 64bit Revision: 17904/5.12.2

If anyone would like to test and see whether they get the same or different results it would be most appreciated. You can see the tour here: https://aclassrvsolutions.co.uk/gallery/

Many thanks

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