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Overlay images on a flat image node

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:59 pm
by nich008
Hope all are well

I need to pin an image to a node with a flat input image such that it pans and zooms as if its nailed to the background.
(Think of an aerial photo with a line tracing a route, or an image overlay of an old map) As the node is panned and zoomed, the overlay needs to move and size with it, as if its part of the background. I want to toggle these overlays on/off with a button, so I can't just Photoshop them on to the background.

It looks like a pinned image could do it on an equirectangular or other non-flat input image, but that function isn't available for flat input images.

The nearest I've got to is a long, narrow poly hotspot, but it's difficult and doesn't solve the image overlay case.

Any ideas?


PS I think the new logo works well!